Agriculture-Chapter 13

Human Resources-Chapter 14

Industry-Chapter 15

Land Soil Water  Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources -Chapter 16

Mineral and Power Resources1  Chapter 17

Mineral and Power Resources2  Chapter 17

Resources  Chapter 18


how-when-and-where Chapter 1

from-trade-to-territory Chapter 2

ruling-the-countryside Chapter 3

tribalsdikus-and-the-vision-of-a-golden-age Chapter 4

when-people-rebel-1857-and-after (1) Chapter 5

colonoliasm-and-the-city Chapter 6

Weavers Iron Smeltors & Factory OwnersChapter 7

Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation Chapter 8

Women Caste & ReformChapter 9

Changing the world of Visual ArtsChapter 10

The Making of the National MovementChapter 11

India After Independence Chapter 12

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